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Meet Jennifer Asada

Hey, it's nice to meet you!

I don't know how or why you landed on my hub (just yet)... ALL I KNOW IS that this isn't a coincidence... and whether we end up working together and getting to know each other or not, I just hope that what you learn here will inspire you to take the next step in creating a life that you really want for yourself.



On The Path To Online Entrepreneurship

When I understood that you didn't have to be super smart or super techie to make money online I was super stoked.

When I realized that wasn't enough and that personal growth came in to play in a big way I was intrigued.

When I found out that only a very few were actually successfully earning on the internet I was fascinated...

and hooked.

In 2001 I became a young single mum. My two daughters were 2 and 7 at the time, I was away from my home country, family and friends, I had no college education, no prior work experience, and no particular skills.

After a few years of surviving and hoping for the best, I came to the realization that it was up to me to create my own reality.

"Life is what you make of it… 

Don’t let dreams just be dreams! "

"Life is what you make of it… 

Don’t let dreams just be dreams! "

I then discovered some level of entrepreneurship by creating my own mini businesses - I developed French language clubs for children in my area & delivered fun French classes to thousands of children for about 10 years, I then went on to... selling sushi! I became a food trader and ran a weekly sushi stall at my local country market, I also organized sushi making workshops. These were fun learning times!!  - All of the above with no formal training, everything I did was self-taught.

In parallel to that, in 2007 a friend of mine introduced me to the world of Network Marketing. It was for a health & beauty company that promoted safe personal care and nutritional products (something I had zero knowledge of, and no interest in), but I went in head first not having a clue what I was doing, and managed to create a small clientele and tiny commissions for myself...

but in my mind I was being 'successful'!


From Chasing Marketing To Attraction Marketing

After diligently following traditional network marketing methods suggested to me – talking to friends & family, organising home parties, doing hotel meetings, surveys in shopping centres, placing ads in the local paper, etc… I finally said to myself:

“ok, there must be a better way!”. That is when I decided to do some research about marketing on the internet (maybe like you are doing right now) and in 2011, discovered the world of Online Marketing along with the concept of ‘attraction marketing’. That made complete sense to me: you don’t chase after people, you let them come to you- what a concept !

I was eager and ready to learn, and you know what they say, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, and so it did.

I stumbled upon the perfect teacher, the perfect system, the perfect opportunity, at the perfect time!!!

After just a few days of blindly following instructions, I made my very first online commission. "Omg" I thought, that IS possible! and even though it was just 25 dollars, I was simply amazed: as a result of me taking some action on the internet, somewhere, someone that I never met or even talked to, somehow decided to purchase something online that resulted in me receiving money into my bank account…and I still didn’t have a clue what I was doing!!!

On Top Of The World

Needless to say, I kept on following the training, and surrounded by a supportive community and my new online family, I found myself making $1,000 daily commissions, ranking on the top of Google search results, creating viral videos, traveling to events across the Atlantic, and hanging out with online marketing superstars.

Man, I was on a roll, and ready to conquer the world!


A Series Of Unfortunate Events...

Things were looking good. I was gaining confidence, building up my marketing skills, creating momentum and becoming clearer about where I was heading with an online business, when in December 2014, the father of my children passed away suddenly. This was a terrible shock and a moment of great sadness. My heart was broken to see my girls lose their beloved dad just like that. I completely disconnected from the online world and stopped all marketing activities, I barely even posted on Facebook. I knew this wasn’t the end of my online career, it just felt like I had to put it on pause for a while.

11 months later my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at age 63, a terribly cruel illness that I don’t think anyone could ever be prepared to deal with. Mum was living alone in her apartment in Tokyo at the time, so it seemed like the right thing to bring her back to Europe so that I could care for her. She moved with us here in Ireland in June 2016 and I’ve been her full-time carer since. It has been one hell of a rollercoaster and is an ongoing painful journey to go through, but at the end of the day I consider myself fortunate to be able to have my mother with me and to spend our remaining time together.

Ma Maman Et Moi

(My Mum And I)







Back In Business!

Mum was always (and still is) a fun loving, free spirited, up for new adventures type of person, and so she utterly refused to accept this disempowering illness that was happening to her (can’t blame her really). That brings us to Unfortunate Event #3 when in early 2017 an ill-intentioned old “friend” made a reappearance into my mother’s life, and despite my suspicions, managed to take her on a foreign holiday. Without going into all the details, this individual decided to knowingly take full advantage of my mother’s vulnerability and refused to send her back home claiming that she didn’t want to. Now convinced of his devious intentions (after he’d wiped my mother’s bank account in 3 days) my two sisters and I were powerless. With no legal rights, and medical confidentiality working against us, we were told that there was little we could do as our mother was an adult acting “out of her own will”.

This was the craziest most stressful time of my life, and I truly felt like I was in a psycho thriller movie! (I was told I should write a book about this). Long story short, after jumping on planes, calling embassies, filing police reports, and with some very cautious moves, I managed, with the help of family, to get my mother back home safely. And I haven’t let her out of my sight since! I’ve learnt valuable lessons from this experience, the main one being, to always trust my instincts no matter what others are saying.

We settled back into some kind of routine, and after a while I started to miss the online hustling and decided it was time for me to get ‘back in business’. So once again, after some waiting and observing, the right opportunity (for me) came at the perfect time – one that would allow me to stay at home with mum, take her on trips while she could still travel, all while doing what I’m truly passionate about: inspire and help others succeed online too.

I now know that life challenges, big or small, happen to all of us for a reason. We can choose to let them destroy us, or we can learn and grow from them. Today (the 2020’s) I am back on the online adventure with an even better clarity and a bigger purpose.

It is my renewed belief that ANYONE with the right attitude, the right desire, and the right guidance, has now the possibility to create tremendous online success for themselves regardless of their background or past experience, and without having to be an online celebrity or super tech savvy.

You've Got This.

Yes, there is a learning curve. Yes, you will probably have to acquire new skills and get out of your comfort zone. And yes, there will be times of doubt and struggles… but these are absolutely nothing in comparison to the personal and financial rewards that you will achieve as a true Badass Online Entrepreneur.  I may not know anything about you right now, but if you are reading these lines,

that tells me that there is some kind of desire inside of you, a desire for something better, a desire for a better life, that I can only hope that you know you deserve.

Because YOU (my future friend), already have what it be successful beyond your wildest dreams!

To your inevitable success,



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