Do you see your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

7K Metals Is Now In Ireland!

On March 4th 2021, 7K Metals opened its doors to the Republic of Ireland, allowing the people of Ireland to create and protect true wealth for their families too.

The 7K Mission

What Is Sound Money?

The 7K founders mission is to give people a way to have control over their wealth and finances regardless of poor government decisions or economic collapse.

They have decided to 'disrupt' two industries:

1) The Precious Metals industry - by offering its members & customers the best possible dealer direct prices for certified

Gold & Silver.

2) The Network Marketing industry - with a binary structured compensation plan that actually rewards members faster and better.

'Sound Money' is just a fancy word for Gold and Silver really.

Gold and Silver is one of the secrets the wealthy have used for thousands of years to build and protect their wealth...In fact, governments and financial institutions know this - they are the largest holders of Gold in the world today! But the truth is, your financial professionals aren't telling you because they don't want you to know.

How Can YOU Benefit from The Power of Sound Money?

Have you ever wanted to get into Silver and Gold but didn't know how?

Here are some questions the average person like you and I usually has when buying precious metals for the first time.

  • Where should I buy it?

  • Who should I trust?

  • What should I buy?

  • How do I buy in small quantities?

7K Metals has made it easier for us with a membership that gives access to:

  • Dealer Direct Prices on Gold & Silver Bullion
  • An Auto ship of Hand Picked Collectables sent to your door every month.

How To Start Earning

With 7K Metals Ireland

When I first got introduced to 7K Metals, their unique products, and the incredible opportunity to earn, well... they weren't open in Ireland yet !!!

but after doing some research about the company, the products, and the marketing system provided, I got my whole family on board - we had to get a virtual postal address in London and get our precious coins shipped back to Ireland at an extra cost, one of our packages got lost at some stage...and the whole process was such a headache that I couldn't really tell anyone around me about this new 'Gold Business' I had discovered...even though I was dying to.

Thankfully, 7K Metals is now fully open to the Republic Of Ireland, with objectives to soon open in other countries in Europe and worldwide - this is all so very exciting!

The Right Vehicle With The Perfect System

'Systems Work, People Fail' -Vick Strizheus

When you combine the right vehicle (7K Metals) with the perfect system (the right fuel to power it) you get exponential growth. This is how the Four Percent team became the fastest growing and biggest team in the history of 7K Metals (since 2016) in less than two months.

Thanks to an automated Smart Marketing System designed by Vick Strizheus (online traffic expert), ordinary people with no marketing skills have been able to experience fast results with their 7K Metals business simply by plugging in and leveraging this smart system.

"Lazy" Marketing


Since the Wealth Autopilot System was officially launched on Jan. 19th of this year, over 400 ordinary people (including my daughter Milla who plain refuses to do any marketing!) have reached a rank with the 7K Metals opportunity in record time.

As a an Associate with 7K Metals, not only do you accumulate wealth through precious metals delivered to your door each month, but you also get rewarded (starting at a $500 weekly payout) for actively sharing this 'golden' opportunity with others - OR, you can simply enter your name into the Smart System and see what happens, just like Milla did!

How To Get Started With 7K The Right Way

Now I'm not saying you can just sit on your behind and become rich at the push of button, but if you follow the instructions I give you in this video on how to effectively leverage the Wealth Autopilot Smart System and plug into our team's training, you will eventually hit the rank of Associate within the 7K Share Plan and soon qualify to receive your first commission... without having to "chase", "sell" or "convince" anyone. Let me show you HOW. Click the button below to access the full presentation on how to get started with 7K today.

And I look forward to guiding you!


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