7K Metals Compensation Plan Basics Explained,

And What To Do To Reach 'Associate' Rank

Here's a short video presentation where I go over the basics of the 7K Metals Compensation Plan and show you what you need to do in order to reach the rank of ASSOCIATE with 7K Metals, AND to qualify to receive your first $500 commissions.

I often see people who mistakenly think that by reaching the rank of Associate with 7k Metals they'll automatically receive their $500 weekly commissions - that's completely false!

As I explain it in the video above, there are two requirements to receiving your first $500 check:

You have to:

1) Reach the rank of Associate (enrol two 'Active' members)

2) Accumulate enough points on each side (Right and Left Teams)

Once you understand how you can fulfil these two requirements (watch the video), you'll see how attainable receiving your very first commission with 7k Metals is !

For a full understanding of the 7k Metals Compensation Plan and how to benefit from it,

Access the '7K Share Plan In Detail' Here.

I hope this has clarified it for you on how you can start earning residual income by taking part in the 7K Metals Share Plan (all while building real assets with Gold & Silver!)

Next, I invite you to discover HOW you can start using this automated marketing system to help you reach a rank (and earn) even faster with 7K Metals, watch '3 Reasons WHY Wealth Autopilot Will Explode Your 7K Metals Business' ;)

To your inevitable success,


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7K Metals Compensation Plan Basics

7K Metals Compensation Plan basics and what you need to do to reach the rank of Associate and to qualify to receive your first $500 commissions with 7k Metals.