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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We've got answers :-)

There's got to be a catch, right?

There isn’t one. Seriously. You’re always in control. Cancel anytime. Still not convinced? Read on.

Do I have to be a member to purchase products?

Even though you get better prices and many more benefits as a member, you can just check out as a guest if you like. Just click the Shop Now button at the top of the page and you can get what you need.

What is the AutoSaver program?

It is an optional program designed to put your savings on autopilot. We take out the need for discipline in saving and send you a curated collectible EVERY MONTH. With the coins our experts pick, saving becomes more like a fun game you will look forward to rather than a boring chore.

Do I have to pay every month for stuff I don't want?

We would hate to pay for stuff we don’t want—and we would hate ourselves if we made you do that. But we don’t hate ourselves.  The Autosaver Program is the only thing that will require a monthly exchange (you give us volatile paper money and we exchange it for Gold/Silver). The Autosaver is optional but it turns out most people take us up on it cause it just makes sense.

What happens after my yearly membership is up?

You decide if you want another year. When you do want to continue with us—you just do absolutely nothing and we will reinstate your membership with the same starter pack you chose the first time (you can change it up if you’d like) and you will be good to go for another year.

Can I cancel my membership easily?

Absolutely. Canceling your membership is as easy as sending an email.

What is a private vault?

We have partnered with a state-of-the-art private vault where you can store your precious metals at extremely discounted rates so you know they are safe and sound. You can choose to have them sent to your door from the vault at any time.

What is Sound Money?

It’s a cheeky name we like to use for Gold and Silver. Gold and Silver have stood the test of time as a valuable and sound transactional assets. Paper money tends to end up as what it really is—just paper.

So, what do I get again?
  • Dealer Direct Pricing on Gold and Silver bullion—No minimums, No maximums
  • Access to Custom exclusive jewelry
  • Access to Monthly AutoSaver Program
  • Access to rare and exclusive collectables
  • Buyer’s Certification Training Program
  • Private Vault Access
  • Credits towards additional Sound Money Trainings
  • Curated selections by the experts
  • Whew! We should have taken a breath somewhere in there…

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